Searching for Michael Peterson

I was lucky enough to chance upon a beautiful evening in Brighton at the Sally Bennis Theatre. A load of the South Coasts finest ‘surferati’ was assembled to view Jolyon Hoff’s documentary/ film.

It was a finely constructed and nicely cut insight into both the east coast surf scene in he early 70’s and of course into the mind of MP.

He clearly was a tortured genius.

oooNews Website

I came across ( literally ) a most erudite site today at ooonews – although I doubt that their news sources are totally reliable and I suspect that they overuse certain expletives for comic affect; there can be little doubt that they are bringing a fresh and interesting slant on many news stories.

The site is based upon a CMS by Microsoft which is all I need to see to know that they are trustworthy individuals and use an easily recognised colour scheme to help both the normal browser and those with accessibility concerns – vital these days.

There are stories about Pete and Jordan, Jade Goody, Steve Jobs and some other people I have never heard of from this international news source.

Anyway, check it out for yourself : ooo news

Self Publishing

Ok, I have been filling this blog with words and articles for a couple of years now and it is about time that I did what I always wanted to do and get down to some serious writing. No more of the 300 word posts about ephemeral items, but to write my novel.

I have at last, I believe, succeeded in bringing together many of the raucous themes which inhabit my creative side and I can see most of the novel starting to put itself together – of course I have to put pen to paper first, but it is taking shape.

Once that is done I will have to think about getting the weighty tome published. I have seen a site which specialises in Self Publishing and am quite impressed at their self publishing process: you receive advice whilst maintaining creative control, and that would be important to me.

Those of you who doubt my resolve to write and publish the first masterpeice of the 21st century please be ready to meet the new Kerouac, the new Henry Miller, the new published…… well just wait and see.