I have never used a PI (Private Investigator) before and don’t really know much about the industry, never having given it much thought.

However recently I came across a company based in Brighton who offer Private Investigation work and covert surveillance ops so I started on a little investigation of my own… what do they do I wondered?

Well there is the obvious – what could be the main suspicion of anyone these days? I could suggest that someone may want to find out if their teenage daughter is smoking or up to no good, but most cases will involve a suspicion of adultery. A cheating partner can be quite upsetting for some people so they try to find out if this is really the case. By hiring the services of private investigators who can undertake discreet surveillance and even collect incriminating evidence ( photos or recordings ) you can actuallly find out for sure if your wife or husbnad is cheating on you and have photos to prove it. Although this sort of hard evidence of adultery will not really make you happier it will at least give you something to show to your divorce lawyer and prove your gounds for annulation or decree nisi or whatever it is called.

Moving away from the private or family investigation the brighton private investigation company also carries out enquiries into corporate affairs. Businesses sometimes will want one of these security professional to pose as a customer or member of staff to uncover any malpractice occuring which may harm their business or reputation. These investigations are carried out in such a confidential manner that noone, sometimes not even managers, will know of the presence of a PI in their midst.

The surveillance techniques, for any gadgety nonce that I am, thrill me with wonder. How I would love to have a GPS emitting vehicle tracking system, a buttonhole spy camera or a bug that fits in a computer keyboard. I am clearly in the wrong profession, I mean I like dark clothes, I love gadgets and I am sneaky and pretty hard also, I would be just perfect for covert surveillance ops. ( In fact I filled in the MI6 suitability online questionnaire only last week and they told me that I was actively encouraged to apply – I lied about my age you see. )

If you want to look at the site, checkout the Private Investigators online.