Apple have announced the impending release of a new ipod, this time, aping the iphone and coming with a full, wide, touchsreen. The unit is obviously beautiful, impressivlemy designed and I am sure will be an absolute dream to turn on.

ipodtouchHowever, my video ipod suffices, indeed my 2nd generation ipod ( black and white sufficed ). The ipod works very well for me as a music player, either in the home hi-fi or in the car. It is a hard-drive music/ MP3 player and, with one hand I can flick the wheel around to my heart’s content and play virtually any some I may wish to. The point is, I don’t really look at it much at all, I navigate and listen; the Apple ipod touch is a kind of overkill, it is a kind of b’sterdised machine which has been lovingly crafted and function crammed, without really, I feel, having a sound market position in our gadget bags.

The , now, humble Nokia N95 is still eminently preferable to an itouch, it having, as previously intimated all the functionality a truly mobile device ( it even knows where it is with its built in Sat Nav ) should have and the itouch, is not really an ipod, nor an iphone.

I do not doubt for a second that it will be a huge success; our wanting generation ( or three ) will snap them up and love owning them, but I just kind of feel that this is an interim step, a nice and beautiful one at that though…..