Always looking to justify that next purchase I have been looking into getting a good bit of Sat Nav installed in me Fiesta – probably doubling the value of the car.

Looking at the beautifully designed TomTom website I see that they are producing a lovely XL version with a high quality widescreen touchscreen.

These little beauties will help you find your way in almost any country in on the planet.

Now, as I have considered here previoulsy a portable global positioning system can’t really be said to be necessary for my sedentary lifestyle.

It is either that or for my TomTom Sat Nav GPS needs I shall have to look into hooking up my Sony Ericsson M600i to a bluetooth gps transmitter.

But consider that they can house a 20Gig mp3 collection, they’ll do me in car handsfree, they will talk to me when I am alone in the car… I need one, I want to flick its switch and turn the baby on……