ipod touch

Apple have announced the impending release of a new ipod, this time, aping the iphone and coming with a full, wide, touchsreen. The unit is obviously beautiful, impressivlemy designed and I am sure will be an absolute dream to turn on.

ipodtouchHowever, my video ipod suffices, indeed my 2nd generation ipod ( black and white sufficed ). The ipod works very well for me as a music player, either in the home hi-fi or in the car. It is a hard-drive music/ MP3 player and, with one hand I can flick the wheel around to my heart’s content and play virtually any some I may wish to. The point is, I don’t really look at it much at all, I navigate and listen; the Apple ipod touch is a kind of overkill, it is a kind of b’sterdised machine which has been lovingly crafted and function crammed, without really, I feel, having a sound market position in our gadget bags.

The , now, humble Nokia N95 is still eminently preferable to an itouch, it having, as previously intimated all the functionality a truly mobile device ( it even knows where it is with its built in Sat Nav ) should have and the itouch, is not really an ipod, nor an iphone.

I do not doubt for a second that it will be a huge success; our wanting generation ( or three ) will snap them up and love owning them, but I just kind of feel that this is an interim step, a nice and beautiful one at that though…..

Microsoft Zune

Now, my favourite possession and that which contained 40gig of lovingly amassed music crashed onto a wooden floor from 3 feet – wiping the drive and consigning decades of data to dust – I nearly cried, I nearly wept vast tears of utter hopelessness.

Happily this Christmas my beloved ones furnished me with a replacement and with a jump and a start my ipod was lurching onwards.

I have looked at Zune and wondered if it really could take the place of this iconic and most reliable possession. what are we, led by the crowds to spout white earphones from hairy earholes– no I say, A Zune could well be a suitable replacement for the ipod, but there will always be a little part of me ( and I am 100% cynic ) which would always choose the beloved over the slutty temptress.