In an update to this thread I have been warned by many people tha buying off plan is a very risky business. In noway referring to ready2invest, but in general off plan property overseas investments can lead to tears, financial loss and heartache.

In this world of such financial uncertainty there are no safe bets and certainly the acronym TNSTAAFL ( there’s no such thing as a free lunch ) has stood the test of time.

However, a certain amount of money kind of fell on me and my normal consumer urges had been subjugated by a Christmas frenzy of purchasing. I now had finally gotten hold of a mini laptop, am Advent of sorts, which, via its 8.9inch screen, afforded me just the sort of mobile computing I had always dreamed of. This, coupled with the gorgeous Samsung Omnia ( now not sending emails again ), made my digital life complete. I own a decent bicycle and car. Come to think of it I don’t really need anything. Well, I am in dire need of a nice and cheap NSD or epoxy longboard for my surfing, but I am on the case for that as it happens… suffice it to say I don’t really lust after anything at the moment so rather than looking for things to turn me on I looked for investment…

Well, stock markets are kind of in the crumble so investing in a portfolio base on the FTSE is not something to consider. Similarly House prices in the UK are still heading for further devaluations so the traditional – no lose – option of bricks and mortar is no longer the solid banker as it has always been seen as.

A friend suggested that it may suit my lifestyle to invest in a property abroad so I started looking into it. I had a fair few grand left me by an deceased relative which needed to be put down somewhere before I succumbed to the constant entreaties in my ears to buy a plasma TV with bluray and freeview and millions of MHz refresh rates and all that. I like to travel, I love the sea more than anything, I love to get away and I had some cash calling to my baser instincts,.

So I started looking into the reality of owning a property abroad, and the more I thought about it the more excited I became. Not only at the financial prospect but the idea of having to go out and buy, again, all the lovely things to go in the new place. My main criteria would be, sun, beach, cheap food and good local music. I am a great lover of the Middle East and Arab cultures it must be said, I have enjoyed their history, their food, their sun and their company to a great extent so I was easily swayed by ready2invest into considering some off plan investment in one of these countries.

Morocco looked perfect, it is a beautiful country, I have travelled extensively there and even came closer to death there than any other country previous or since ( it must be good then!). It is an Arabic culture infused with French influences, they have a superior cuisine as a consequence and french is widely spoken. What is more, Morocco has a flourishing surf culture and hashish is cheap.

So I started looking and was amazed at what could be found. The first place ready2invest offered me up was not far from Agadir, on the best surf coast in Morocco. The Gardens of Falafel or something they are called and the deal was superb. An impulse purchaser always I jumped at the opportunity and have not looked back since, it is a pity that the Euro is creaming the Pound Sterling at the moment, but it still represents a good spend of money.

There you go, money invested rather than blown….now the Moroccan surf pad needs a TV, Stereo, ………..

If you want to find information on ready2invest, Google them

iphone for the home

The ipod iphone delirium continues and I see normally sensible people go weak and jibbery over these gadgets. The Nokia N95 continues to offer a far superior OS and performance than the iphone.

But do you think they will ever ( Apple that is ) start supplying the iphone for the home, a cordless telephone that looks like it is an iphone.

Well, I saw this picture and wondered…

To tell the truth I am not certain that I actually believe this to be true.

Cats and Cat People

Cats have never really turned me on to be sure. Like many people I find them to be slightly sinister, lazy, manipulative and condescending. I have never owned a cat nor will. I have never, to my knowledge killed one either but I may one day. You see, an old friend Takis Kontogiannis of Rethymno explained to me his suprise when he was first in England seeing cars evade cats. He said to me :

” ha ha, I could not believe it, in Greece we try to hit them, in England you try to miss them, why?”

So Cats, what is it about these felines which provoke such adoration. I mean I am totally cold about them but many people go weak at the knees at a little purring.

So I will set out to try to find what makes these cat people tick, What is it about them? They are mostly girls of course but even some blokes like cats – why? .

So many questions I need answering. I am going to interview Rob soon, an apparently red blooded, normal male ( hmm I think he may be veggie maybe that is a clue ) who loves cats. He even has a blog all about cats to Cats at Planetmeow. Maybe we can explain the inexplicable if we read his musings.