I have a relatively spacious flat with a nice garden, my two children have ample room to run around and play, indeed they could be said to have taken over the better part of our living area with their various toys, games and activities.

That is why I started looking into the option of adding a Conservatory to my abode. We decided that loosing a few square meters from the garden would be little sacrifice compared to the benefits of an extra room, and one which would be dedicated to adult tastes.

So, I started investing Conservatories online and found a wonderful array of possible solutions. With prices from as little at under a grand I was immediately interested, and soon found myself in the process of ordering a superb looking “lean to”.

The unit was delivered within a week and the construction was a painless process, it looks good and there is more space in the house, now I am out of it….

This was several months ago, and now I sit in my leather armchair, glass of whisky in hand, the rain makes a wonderful sound as it patters lightly on the conservatory roof and the double glazing ensures that the racket from inside the house doesn’t spoil my moment.