Builders need to wear decent safety or rigger boots during the course of their work. Theirs is one of the most hazardous professions when comes to feet.

There are all manner of menaces out there which can be broken down into three main areas of danger:

  • Sharp Objects
  • Slippery or uneven surfaces
  • Heavy Materials

Sharp Objects
One of the nastiest injuries commonly affecting builders, or construction workers is impalement. Commonly this is a protruding nail of piece of metal. For this reason many specialist safety boots include a metal midsole as standard.

Heavy Materials
Crushing injuries are also a common occurrence on sites where heavy materials are transported. Bricks, Pipes, Furniture , even girders. Of course well made safety shoes will not protect you from all injury, but well constructed, well made shoes with good padding, steel toecaps and a rigid exterior.

Slippery or Uneven Surfaces
As, in a place like a building site, even with the best project management, it is likely that you will find discarded materials, or be forced to climb over piles of gear to get somewhere, it is important the footwear you choose will not only protect your feet from the dangers described above, but allow a reasonable amount of nimbleness and agility to prevent you from other potential hazards such as tripping or slipping.

So you will see from the information above that good care should be taken. Some shoes such as have specialised structures aimed at protecting feet from

Rigger boots are a safety boot used by tradesmen and construction workers generally in heavy construction work and strenuous working conditions. Rigger boots are superb safety footwear for any weather as they go nearly a third of the way up the leg and are, hence, able to keep ones feet dry and the bottom of your trousers protected and clean by tucking them into the work boot.

In general most rigger boots have similar distinguishing features such as breathable water resistant leather, fur lining, pull-on loops, steel toe cap and mid-sole ( to prevent impalement type injuries ) and are shock absorbent and oil and chemical resistant. All of these rigger boots are a standard S3 and comply with EN345-1

The very best in safety boots from Online are covered by the top brands such as Dewalt, Dickies, JCB, Dr. Martens, Makita, Sterling Safety and PSF – these offer comfort, protection and durability.

It is also a very good idea to check that whatever boots you buy are European standards for safety footwear EN 345-1, EN347-1.