With home security in the news more and more these days it is not just sufficient to insure your property, you need to take preventative measures in order to reduce the likelihood of criminal attack and to discourage potential burglars at the same time.

The installation of a Burglar Alarm System can go a long way in giving you peace of mind whilst securing your private property from criminals.

Traditionally burglar alarm systems have been hard wired installations which require quite a lot of work to install. However recent developments in wireless technology has brough a range of easy to fit and reliable wireless burglar alarms. These are far easier to assemble, fit and implement that their predecessors. No longer does one need to route cables all around your guttering.

A typical alarm of this sort now comes with the following components : Door Contact, PIR Detectors, they are easily programmable and require very little time to configure.

Personally I spend my evenings patrolling aroung the house with a sawn-off pump action shotgun, a squeezee bottle full of pH1 H2SO4, a cordless drill and cable ties. (the blowtorch is available for use after I have aprehended any miscreant). Luckily my mate up the road deals in garden antiques and has a nice acid bath for body disposal.