Nokia and Windows Mobile

OK, its old news but it made me laugh.
Nokia has seen its market share slip in recent years and clearly needed something new to allow it to rub shoulders with the mobile glitterati once again.
So what do they do?

Well they must have thought long and hard about the Symbian Foundation – and they decided to drop that. So what next.
Well, had I been at their internal meetings I would have pointed out that Nokia needed sexing up big time, it needed to do real battle with the ubiquitous iDevices and the newcomer Android. Nokia clearly needed a full makeover of its brand to appeal to the new generation of consumers who actively seek out not only the best but the coolest.
I find the decision to throw the towel in with Windows Mobile a very intriguing and strange way of achieving this – Microsoft’s public image is exactly the same as that of Nokia – it is perceived as safe and boring.

I may well be wrong as it is highly possible that there are many people out there who are actually happier with the safe and boring choice. But I will be watching carefully

Give me HTC and Android Any Day

OK, I now have 2 smartphones that I dont like. For one I have the iphone – this is a beautiful and well crafted piece of technology for sure – easy to use and well supported by the apps. I also own a Sony Ericssson xPeria x10 which has the following features :

  • Awful Interface – no dual touch support, bad background, dire homescreen
  • Terrible Battery Life – like less than 8 hours
  • Horrendous Features – stupid Media and Timescape Apps
  • Obsolete OS – it is still running Android 1.6

I bought this Android Powered device as I thought that it would be an improvement on the HTC Hero which I loved and lost, but I had no idea that it was HTC’s GUI which had elevated Android to such a level of beauty.

As for the iphone – you can’t drag and drop files onto it, you can’t really tweak it, bash it, root it, love it………and what is more, they really are simple devices – loved my those that swore they would never move away from Nokia by the large and those that believe that it instills some sort of chic ambience on to them – the iphone is the new burberry on the high street – it is the new chav badge and I hate myself for owning one – I am always trying to give it away. its saving grace is most likely that its touch typing guessworkl engine seems the best I have used so emails fly out….

Give me HTC and Android any day of the week