Ok, I gave in and went for an Iphone, just wanted, I think to see what all the fuss was about.
The phone is nice, easy to use but I am increasingly annoyed at the proprietary way in which Apple has closed down access to the phone.

My last few phones ( Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile 6.1 ) have allowed me to drag music onto the hard drive, beam files via bluetooth and install apps/ games from many sources ( all without any issues). The iPhone’s locking in to iTunes gets on my nerves, but still it is very easy to use.

The camera is a but pony but I will just have to make do with it. The email program synched up nicely to my Google Apps account via Exchange ( iPhone > Microsoft > Google ???) and some of the apps ( like Magic Seaweed Surf reports ) are just dandy.

All in all the phone is not up to the quality of the HTC Hero Android phone and not as robust and usable as the Nokia N95 but it is kind of cute and relatively easy to use.

The unlimited data which comes with the Orange contract helps in a big way to enjoy a mobile life as well.

The icing on the cake was the purchase ( as I want to keep this phone a grade as I suspect I will try to swap it for an Android phone one day) of a beautiful iphone case from Maikai. It did, however take me several days to remove the thick plastic from the thin screen protector but that was ‘my bad’.