SUP Stand Up Paddleboarding Brighton

Stand UP SUP Paddleboarding Lessons Brighton
I’ve been paddle boarding (SUP) a lot recently. I had an intro lesson from TribalWave a month or two ago and was daunted by the prospect as I kept falling off.
Luckily the falling off phase in paddleboarding is shorted than in other watersports and I was soon getting to grips with it.
A kind of mad fervour gripped me over the past 14 days and I have been out on my SUP almost as many times.
Unlike surfing it is not tide dependent, nor swell. Strong winds can be a bummer but you learn to cope.
Ive sort of got the hang of paddling on both flat and choppy seas. I have ridden a few decent waves but am a long way from managing a turn on the SUP [I think you need to use the long stick thing.], will persevere though of course.
I feel happier to be able to get in the sea more often and can feel my overall fitness levels on the up.
I strongly recommend that anyone wanting to get into Stand Up Paddleboarding Brighton to check out as they run a series of workshops, classes and lessons ( even mobile tuition ) in the Brighton and Sussex area and have the experience and patience to get you riding properly and safely and really digging it.

Sharkbait Brighton Surf Shop

We are pleased to see the new surf shop opened up by Sharkbait at Sharkbait Shop

Sharkbait has been providing surf reports for the Brighton area since the last century ( Millenium even?) and is the first point of reference for all surfers on the “South Shore”.

Sharkbait forms the focal point for a deidicated ( you have to be in Brighton ) group of surfers who either use the English Channel’s windblown mush to keep up their skills or to learn upon. As we all know, it is the taking part that counts and whether offshore and 6 foot and clean or onshore 2 foot and mushy it is always – always worth it.

The new surf store has an array of surfing goods sure to please the local contingent and, who knows, attract orders from fashion conscious Hawaiians even.