The UK has a varied coastline and, as a result, many excellent surfing locations. Although Newquay is world famous for its surfing beaches its popularity can mean that it gets crowded, particularly during the summer months. There are many great locations for beginners such as Watergate Bay in Cornwall where the surfer will find 2 miles of beach at low tide. Pease Bay is an upcoming surfing location in the Borders region in the south east of Scotland and offers the more experienced surfer a good beach break and challenging reef.

Llangennith in Gower, south Wales has beach breaks along its 3 mile stretch of beach and is one of the most popular Welsh surfing locations. When there is a good swell here it can get crowded but it is possible to find patches that are less heavily populated. Rips are quite common along this part of the coast. Saltburn in Cleveland in the north east of England is one of the first surfing beaches in the area. There are excellent beginner waves to be found close to the pier here.

Great beaches for intermediate level surfing include Bantham in south east Devon which boasts more swell and variety of peaks than anywhere else in the area. There are long rides to be had with a long board and rips are common. Sennen Cove in Cornwall has an exposed coastline, giving it good waves when other locations have none. Bournemouth is enjoying its new artificial reef break which has improved the quality of the waves immensely. Other beaches nearby include Branksome, Sandbanks and Canford Cliffs which are guaranteed to be less crowded.

Port Neigwl in Gwynedd is more commonly known as Hell`s Mouth and is the best location for surfing in north Wales. It has a 4 mile long bay with peaks along the whole stretch on a good swell. At the south eastern end of the bay, intermediate surfers can enjoy the best waves beneath the cliffs but it can get crowded during good swells.

Expert level surfing is available at Freshwater West in Pembrokeshire, a large beach with peaks along its entirety. There are powerful and large peaks as well as good breaks in the smaller bays to the south. There is also a heavy reef break within reach of the location. Another location for expert surfing is at Thurso East in Scotland. This is reputed to be one of the best surfing areas in Europe, with a right hand reef break on top of a flat rock shelf. With a big north swell it offers up waves that are larger than triple overhead.

Lessons and gear hire are available at most surfing locations and are essential for beginners. Safety is an important element of learning to surf and beginners are instructed in various techniques in order to stay safe. Surfing in the UK requires that the surfer wears a wetsuit for warmth. Surf boards are available in a variety of sizes including short and long boards, starter and beginner boards and boards for children. Fashion-wise, Volcom UK offers a good selection of gear for boarders.