Xperia X10 Gets Android 2.3.3 Update

The xPeria X10i recently was provided a most welcome update to Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread). Having run for almost a year previously on Android 1.6 this was almost unexpected in its swiftness of delivery. As with any updates there is a worry about losing data. I backed...

Nokia and Windows Mobile

OK, its old news but it made me laugh. Nokia has seen its market share slip in recent years and clearly needed something new to allow it to rub shoulders with the mobile glitterati once again. So what do they do? Well they must have thought long and hard about the...

Give me HTC and Android Any Day

OK, I now have 2 smartphones that I dont like. For one I have the iphone – this is a beautiful and well crafted piece of technology for sure – easy to use and well supported by the apps. I also own a Sony Ericssson xPeria x10 which has the following...

xperia10 Android Phone

Ooh, I got a new mobile phone, an Andoid one, not sure if I think that SonyEricsson’s take on the os is nearly as accomplished as that of HTC….

HTC Android

Well, I have contacted HTC on numerous occasions of late offering to swap my iphone for an Android phone and finally they have replied…. If they do, I will change my name to Android most likely and even wear their TShirts.