Jewellery for your Wedding Day

Creating the perfect look for a beautiful wedding involves a great deal of preparation. Arguably the most important part of the process is finding the wedding dress and bridesmaids’ outfits. This can take days of research, in order to find the dresses that will compliment each other. The bride’s outfit is the focal point of the wedding ceremony and will be under close scrutiny from the guests.

To compliment these special dresses, it is essential that the jewellery worn by the bride and bridesmaids is extra special. Wedding bands for the bride and groom are of particular importance, but so too are the other pieces of jewellery that can give a dress a completely original look. A low cut or open neck dress cries out for a necklace or choker and this can be enhanced with a pair of drop earrings.

Bare arms require bangles or charm bracelets which make excellent gifts for the bridesmaids. If you have a particular design in mind but are unable to find it or are dissatisfied with anything ready-made that you see on the high street, an alternative approach may be to have bespoke jewellery created especially for the occasion. A sympathetic independent jeweller will be happy to work with you and combine his or her design ideas with your own.

You can sketch your own ideas, cut images from magazines or go completely with suggestions from the jewellery designer. Consider what materials and stones to include in the designs. Gold comes in a variety of hues, from reds and oranges through to yellows and creamy shades. Platinum is ever popular and will compliment any colour of outfit.

If you are traditional you will probably opt for diamonds as the stone of choice. However, there are many beautiful coloured precious stones that can look fabulous with contrastingly coloured fabrics. The white or cream dress will look great with any colour of stone. When thinking about designs, you may prefer a traditional design that will not date over time, or choose instead a highly contemporary style.

Either way, your design will be unique to you. Consider how you are going to use the piece of jewellery after the big day. It is best to design a piece that is going to be wearable to other events, or even one that can be worn proudly on a daily basis.

Take advice from the jewellery designer wherever possible, as he or she will more than likely have experience in these matters. Choose a designer on the basis of recommendations from friends, or look at some jewellery designers’ websites in order to get a feel for their particular style.

It is a good idea to select a designer that you can meet face to face in order to track their progress, embellish or alter designs and have fittings for rings. This way, you will not be disappointed when you see the finished products.

A bespoke piece of jewellery made especially for your wedding is a lovely way in which to mark the occasion, representing a beautiful keepsake that can be worn again and again, each time bringing back happy memories of the day.

Nokia Lumia Mobiles

The Nokia Lumia range is an ever-expanding family of Windows Phone handsets created by this famed Finnish manufacturer. There are currently two distinct Lumia models on offer, with more in the pipeline to be launched later in the year.

Nokia Lumia 800

The Lumia 800 is the flagship handset which was built to show off Nokia`s fine attention to aesthetic detail along with Microsoft`s impressive Windows Phone platform. From a hardware perspective you get a 1.4GHz single core processor, an eight megapixel camera and around 16GB of onboard storage space to use as you see fit. The Lumia 800 benefits from its premium grade polycarbon shell, which is hard wearing and also available in a variety of colours. Around the front you get a 3.7 inch AMOLED screen which is very easy on the eye and pumps out rich colours and deep blacks at all times.

Lumia 710

The Lumia 710 is Nokia`s more affordable entry in this range. While its display is the same size as the Lumia 800`s at 3.7 inches, it uses more typical LCD technology rather than the high end AMOLED system which is present on the costlier model. Thankfully it shares the same 1.4GHz processor as the Lumia 800 and so there is no notable performance difference between the two.

Nokia Lumia
Nokia Lumia

Nokia has harked back to its former use of removable covers to allow Lumia 710 users the option of swapping out the battery back plate for one of a different colour. This means you can reinvent the look and feel of the phone to a certain degree and helps it appeal to a younger audience.

Windows Phone

As the Windows Phone experience on offer is consistent across the Lumia range it is worth considering as a whole. Version 7.5 of Microsoft`s mobile operating system is preinstalled and it brings with it plenty of perks.

The first comes in the form of full social networking integration. Facebook is tightly linked with almost every aspect of the phone, so you can easily add all of your contacts as soon as you sign in with your account. You can also share pictures, videos and your thoughts direct to your profile without firing up the dedicated Facebook application. Microsoft recently made it easier for Twitter fans to achieve the same levels of functionality, so it really is easy to socialise with a Nokia Lumia handset.

Windows Phone is respected thanks to its web browsing experience, which is delivered via a scaled-down version of Internet Explorer. You also get support for multiple webmail accounts from services like Gmail and Hotmail. The excellent onscreen QWERTY keypad is easy to use and has good autocorrect functionality, which speeds up ty


Xbox Live integration means that you can earn achievements and Gamerscore when you download compatible titles from the Windows Markeplace. You can also see when your friends are online and compare your performance without having to fire up your Xbox 360 console


In all the Nokia Lumia range is as good a reason as any to get cash for mobiles by recycling your old handset so that you can invest in an upgrade.