Nowadays we are a generation increasingly aware of the affect that we have on the environment. We embraced the industrial revolution and the subsequent consumer frenzy of the late 20th Century with a fervour. Massive improvements in the manufacturing processes in the East coupled with ever increasing technological advances brough a myriad of home electronics to the masses. The rate at which products are improved upon leads to a higher rate of ‘obsoloscence’ in such high end devices.
This leads to waste

Waste has never been a desirable element in society, indeed the waste produced per capita has risen a thousandfold in the last hundred years, leading to increasing landfills.

For this reason the WEEE directive has been applied to electrical items, the legislation demanding that waste electrical equipment be disposed of in a way in which to lesses or even negate its detrimental effect on the environment.

Telephones Online, a Brighton based retailer of predominantly cordless phones, but also other consumer electricals are commited to reducing waste through their working practices.

For years they have been refurbishing DECT Telephone equipment and supplying trade partners in the developing world with useful and viable apparatus which enhances their lives whilst reducing waste in the UK.

They have also recently commited to the provisioning of spare parts for cordless phones. This way, rather than throw away a system that is merely missing one part, the Telephone Suppliers can replace this integral part and have the entire unit or system full functional again.

They have a vast back catalogue of cordless phone parts :

Main Power Supply Unit for Cordless Phone Base Stations, Additional Handset Power Supplies, DECT Handsets, Telephone Base Units, Cordless Phone Batteries, Curly Line Cords and even Handset battery Covers. Many other telephone parts are also available on request.

The best thing about such commerce is that everyone wins: apparently redundant products can be rejuvenated and their life increased, redundant spares can be resold to avoid further waste and the resultant savings are at consumer level.

We like any business process that saves on so many levels whilst giving a real boost to the environment.