Had been having a few issues with my Samsung Omnia of late, particularly with the SMTP settings and somehow not allowing me to send emails. The mobile runs Windows Mobile 6.1 and, though familiar with the Windows configuration of POP and SMTP and IMAP and all the lovely protocols I could not get email to send.

I called Orange who suggested that smtp.orange.net would work, it didn’t. Next they talked me into downloading, installing and paying for a subscription to Blackberry Connect ©. 24 hours later I had an answer – Blackberry Connect © is not compatible with the Samsung Omnia.

This was getting rather more and more annoying, it is great being able to receive your emails 24/7 but extremely frustrating to find that you can’t reply to them.

Next the helpful operators suggested I add port numbers :995 and :465 to my incoming and outgoing mailservers respectivley. However there are no fields to allow this setting in the Windows Mobile Device.

Orange’s final suggestion was for me to have a look around to try to solve the problem myself.

Then I hit on the result…Windows Mobile 6.1 Hot Fix for Sending POP and IMAP E-mail – worked a treat.
The dialogue above may be short but the total time taken was 2 weeks and many phone calls and much swearing.

Getting more turned on by the lovely touch Omnia I managed to grab the only piece of iphone that is really missing from the Windows Mobile experience. – the sliding touch unlock bit.

My first installation of a 3rd party GUI tweak ( Port Splitter was still working ) was masterful.

If anyone is looking for a slide to unlock function for a Windows Mobile Device the lookee here : S2 applications for Windows Mobile. – it is superb.