Man it must be a ‘designer’ think I thought to myself when Martin started setting himself up in the office. He had just started work with us, a web design and marketing company, when, on day two of his employment he appeared with a pair of Sennheiser headsets in his hand, plugged them in to his Mac and got on with his work.

cooldom . For example it is hard to imagine any other of the major headsets manufacturers coming up with the stylish: PC111 VoIP Headset ( shown above) or the Sennheiser SH310 headset. Sennheiser manufacture headsets not only for the office communications markets but for online gaming, VoIP, personal audio and Call Centres.

At Best4Headsets there is a large range of Sennheiser Headsets as well as a useful interface on connectivity, their range encompasses Sennheiser Headsets for Aviation use as well as corded telephone headsets . Many of these are available in bulk purchase for call centres or large offices.

Martin is off today, his Sennheisers sit on his desk, unproductive as he. Funnily enough the developer sitting opposite him has adopted a pair of cordless ( DECT?) Sennheiser Headsets also.

It is a plague of headset wearing. We are not only willing to subjugate our visual input to the CRT/ LCD by staring at a monitor all day, but we are willing to allow our most delicate audio receptors to be engulfed in an artificial soundwall. What next, will our olfactories be plugged into the www? A year ago everyone was trying to find the most subtle, ipod like, small and unobtrusive headphones possible to use with their mp3 players. Now they waltz along the street, neck muscles straining with a large speaker strapped to each ear…

Suffice it to say that Sennheiser produce the most beautiful headsets known to man. They deliver a superb sound quality across the range and look funky.