Having just returned from a lazy 1000 mile traversal of France in a Renault Traffic I found the Sat nav facility on the Omnia superb. I have all the Western Europe maps on a small memory card which I bought on ebay

With the Route 66 application installed the i900 whirred into life. Sadly the battery was taking a hit as was the fuel tank of the Renault but we made it there.

The Sat Nav responded with alacrity to every sinuous and treacherous bend in the French transport system, it located the rare Garage on the peage and even warned when nearing campsites.

The phone ( the Omnia ) is a splendin travel companion, combining Sat Nav, Wifi, DivX movies, a very sturdy 5 Megapixel camera, mp3, radio, 16 gig of storage and of course a telephone. I would like more games but I guess they will come and a final reques would be a big stonking battery do that the machine stays on when you want it turned on.