The removal of the tracking facility on the N95 was, in retrospect, an absolute piece of thievery. In one fell swoop Nokia removed the raison d’etre of the phone.

I had initially been attracted to the N95 as it had sat nav/ GPS built in and in the early days of its useage, once I sussed out the Nokia Maps plug in .
I used to select endpoint of journey and start tracking and I was off. I did not really need the voice prompts, I could glance at the screen or give it to a passenger and just say : are we on the blue line.

Nokia have removed this useful function, leaving you with a GPS device which is incapable of Navigation ( unless you pay for it. ). I suspect that the providers (Orange in my case) were moaning about a lower than anticipated ARPU ( average revenue per user ) and hence the subterfuge.

Does anyone know a way I can have this changed, can it be rolled back??