In the past it was impossible to take your movies with you when you went out and about because all of the equipment required to play formats like VHS would have seriously weighed you down. DVDs are well and truly entrenched in society today and the great thing about this digital medium is that the portable players which can unlock the content anywhere you like are not only small and slim but highly functional and inexpensive. Let us take a look at what you should consider when buying a portable DVD player.

Since portability is at the heart of the device you will need to look at size. Size is affected by a number of factors, such as whether or not a rechargeable battery is integrated into the player. It will also depend on the size screen you would like. Larger screens make it easier to see the video and can be enjoyed by more viewers, but smaller options will use less energy and be more portable, so you will need to compromise in one area.

DVD movies have different regions depending on the area of the globe in which they are sold, so make sure that the portable DVD player you choose is compatible with your own region, or indeed multiple regions to avoid disappointment. Also check whether different formats are supported, such as re-writable DVDs or CDs, as this will allow you to listen to music and put your own home movies on DVD so you can watch them on the move.

For a DVD player to be truly portable you need to be able to use it when you are away from a mains outlet and for that a battery is essential. Many will come with integrated batteries which you can recharge via a plug, but you will need to look at the typical amount of playback offered from a single charge. If you are watching a whole film you could be using the device for two hours or more without stopping and if your battery cannot cut the mustard then you will have to stare at a blank screen or find a plug. A good quality portable DVD player should keep on trucking for a movie or two, but it is always important to check up on the specifications to avoid disappointment.

A decent portable DVD player will have integrated speakers, but since you may be on public transport or in a situation where you do not want to disturb others it is important to look for a good, appropriate headphone input. If you want to share the viewing experience with another headphone user then there are even models which come with multiple headphone sockets, although as with screen size you should always anticipate a price hike if you are looking for a player which has these advanced features. If you have some wireless speakers you may also be able to connect them to your DVD player, so always look at the fine print and make sure you are left with compatible gadgets.