Bad credit mortgages are now a boom business in the UK, they have become a necessity in a financial environment where more and more people are finding that life is hard.

The financial situation in the UK has become rather difficult for a whole generation of consumers. Young people starting out in life have been brought up on a MTV diet of adverts and product placement. They start earning their first wages already imbued with a deep seated need for acquisition.

The next stage of this cynical and vicious circle is that the institutions: banks, credit cards, store cards and other lenders vie for the opportunity to snare the customer into debt – knowing that once a debt is held that is a customer who can not take their business elsewhere.

In many cases the borrower will manage their finances responsibly and their credit rating will increase with each repayment and they will become a model customer for the banks.

However, there is an ever increasing number of people who, like a boat letting in water, find themselves caught in a trap. They will eventually end up defaulting on repayments and, often, having CCJ’s issued to themselves.

A contributory factor to the trouble that young people are finding themselves in are property prices. These have brown at a rate far surpassing inflation or wage increases, leaving many people with large problems when considering buying a first home.

So we have a generation, many of whom have bad debt, poor credit records, defaults and CCJ’s ( County Court Judgments) against their name who wish to purchase property. Clickngomortgages specialise in bad credit mortgages for just these people. An amazing 1 in four Britons would be turned down by a mainstream mortgage lender and the service provided by clickngo allows many people with poor credit histories to get on the property ladder and rebuild their credit rating

The service is invaluable to this disenfranchised generation.