Now, I work all day, in an office, like many people, sitting at my desk with a keyboard, mouse and monitor for company. I have a telephone also – a Toshiba System Phone with lots of buttons; I tend not to make many outgoing calls, usually it is our clients who call me with requests or support queries. I am lucky enough to have been supplied with the most wonderful headset ever invented – well so it appears to me. In my old job, one which required me to be both on the phone and accessing online databases simultaneously. I had to juggle handset and mouse, often adopting that ‘semi-shrug’ which jams the phone to your neck painfully and precariously. My new telephone headset is a Plantronics CS60 Headset.

The headset is superb, it is powered by DECT Technology, meaning that it is connected to the phone on a 2.4Ghz signal which allows me to wander about the office whilst on a call, the manual boasts that it can achieve a 300m range in ideal conditions. That would be ideal as there is a nice public house just over the road from our office, but I have tried and the headset cuts out just as I cross the road.

So I sit at my desk and strap on the headset. If the office telephone rings I have a small beep in my ear and can press a button on the headset and the handset lifter picks up the handset in a smooth operation and the call is immediately transferred to the Plantronics headset. When the call is over I press the button again and the handset goes down and all is peaceful again.

The Plantronics CS60 Headset is lightweight ( I rarely notice its presence) and the battery life is great – it must have a talk time of several hours after an overnight charge as I have never had a problem and do, sometimes get forced into laborious conversations lasting all day it seems. The headset also has a built in acoustic shock protector which means that if a sharp load noise is transmitted to the earpiece it will cut out in order to save my eardrums – very thoughtful.

So as a person who is involved with customer support and client liaison all day in an office, on the telephone and at my PC I can heartily recommend the Plantronics CS60, it makes your whole desk and office environment more ergonomic and enjoyable. Plantronics Headsets are available on line at a retailer like Best4Headsets. Plantronics are the market leaders in headsets and even supplied headsets for the first trip to the moon.