This is without doubt the most beautiful piece of equipment I have been fortunate enough to own for many years.
Upon opening the package I was initially extremely impressed at the sleek white exterior of this portable DVD player, I open the Philips DCP850 up and the machine and its remote are apparent. The remote control is removeable and the space it vacates is exactly proportioned to house an Ipod Classic.

The ipod fits into the DVD player perfectly and, once there is a selectable source ( of many ) for the Philips 850 screen and speakers. You can select from MMC ( memory card via slot ), DVD, AV-in or Ipod. This is most lovely as you can synch up your itunes with the best of You tube and suchlike. YOu can also RIP movies to play on an ipod so you have gigabytes of films selectable and layable through your DVD player.

Another beauty of this device is that it plays DivX movies, I have many Divx movies in my collection and many DVD’s with 5-6 films on them ( which I have bought from shops and converted – I would not condone illegal downloads ). Not only is this perfect for holidays : 3 DVD’s will carry almost 20 full length feature films, but as the Philips 850 has an AV out socket you can use it to watch DivX films on your normal household TV.

The MMC slot comes into its own when wishing to view pictures, you can pull your card straight out of your mobile and view the jpegs as slideshow on the bright and clear 8 inch screen.

Another wonderful way in which I managed to tweak the Philips DCP850 8inch Portable DVD Player was by using my Nokia N95’s AV-Out into the portable DVD player’s AV-in, whilst driving ( the unit comes with an in car charger of course ) so that I was able to use the Nokias GPS on a large screen, very nice I can say.

Naturally the unit plays traditional DVD’s with s supreme picture quality, the two headphone out sockets make for convivial and mutual enjoyment of films without disturbing anyone else and the 180 degree swivel on the screen vastly improves its portability.

The unit is available very cheaply from Philips DCP850 which is an online retailer I would heartily recommend, not least because they bribed me with one of these DVD players for this review.

For those of you who understand Turkish, here is a very lucid description and demonstration I found on You Tube.