I could not believe what I heard on the radio this morning, a well known international vendor of PC’s are offering mobile broadband service which will allow you to access the internet anytime, anywhere.

What puzzled me is their choice of examples as to where this may be used. I am all for their idea that catching up on your emails whilst on the train is a good way to spend the journey, that is OK; but I was saddened and shocked at their two main selling points :
surf the internet whilst on the beach – NO, on the beach you should play frisbee, swim or just frikkin read with a large beer and
shop online in the park – NO, in the park you should be watching your kids, running around, playing frisbee ( again – yes ), kicking a ball or just reading with a beer if you deserve it.

I ( as I am getting lardy ) firmly believe that the government is trying to seduce us all into a lazy fat lifestyle where will will soporiphically accept a life of avid consumerism and die once we are no longer contributing to the tax coffers.