Baby it is true, no matter what I do as far as mobile phones are concerned, there will always be only one true love, my Treo.

I have battled with conformity now for years with a string or Sony Ericsson’s and, to a lesser extent, Nokias. But they all leave me cold.

The Treo ( I had a 600 ) was prehaps the ugliest phone I had ever seen when I first eased it from its box and Turned it On, but I was soon immeasurably pleased by its functionality and features.

Treo Palm - Best Mobile Ever

The Treo is built on a Palm platform which is quick, responsive and intuitive. There is a multitude of high end applications for the Palm OS which never failed to amaze me.

  • email client
  • access ( type databases)
  • paint
  • sound on/ off button – very good idea that one
  • action/ strategy games
  • lovely touchscreen

I could go on.

Sadly Orange, my supplier, have ceased support/ provisioning the Palm Treo phones and I tried for a Sony Ericsson M600i. The Symbian OS is a long way from Palm’s sophistication.

I need one and I am looking the Treo 650 would do me, but the 680 is sweet as.