Om my god I thought to myself as I drove along. Funnily I am back to using a N95 again, after a couple of years with Windows Touchscreen devices and more recently the wondrous HTC Hero.
Well the voice comes on the radio and announces free voice navigation from now on with my Nokia N95.
I have to tell you that the N95 still stands out as a superb piece of kit. Even having used ‘more advanced’ gadgets since first falling in love with the N95.

So I am happy about that, my return to Symbian and the easy way in which the phone works, its easy operability and ruggedness – so a free upgrade to the Sat Nav was a great concept.
I visit therefore Nokia Maps Updater online and look forward to updating my phone with a certain pride that it is still the ‘dogs’.
Then Nokia hits me with its bombshell – please select model – it is apparently only available on selected models.
I try in vain, downloading the app anyway and installing when it warns that it is not compatible with my phone… and indeed it is not.
Oh, the disappointment, I was so buoyed by Nokia’s forward thinking ( loyalty can be purchased by such moves ) that I spent a while uninstalling the Ovi Maps and transferring all my Nokia data to a new PC I have… Only to find this.
I guess I will have to source some other Sat Nav for the Nokia.
Most saddened by whole affair.