Nokia have recenlty unveiled the Nokia N86. This latest of the superb N Series mobile phones boasts an 8 megapixel camera with Karl Zeiss lens.

This will be a beauty I am sure. They have steered further away from the almost boxy exterior of the N95 to deliver a curvaceous chassis which is reassuringly solid to the touch.

These days one does not need to list the features of an N Series mobile, save to say that it does everything we have come to expect from a mobile phone.

Additionally – the phone somes with an accellerometer to allow you to take N Gage gaming to a new level.

what is more the phone – as you see – comes in white as well – wowee

I am totally in love with my Samsung Omnia, but I do miss the Nokia N95 days of total faith in a phone and not having to look at it to do everything.

Well, I want to turn one on, would love to I reckon.