OK I have been circling in on the Nokia N95 for a while now, I have had it in my catanalotic ( consumerist ) sights since it was first released.

Yesterday I checked with a friend, Luke who had upgraded to the N95 some weeks previously, as to his general user experience of the mobile – he was most impressed; and he, like me, has preferred Sony Ericssons for years.

So, today, finally giving up with the sony Ericsson M600i which drops calls at will, I succumbed to the temptation which had been eating at me.

I turned the little Finnish beauty on (although the lady in the shop has told me that the battery will be ‘shafted’ if I don’t give it a full and uninterrupted charge first time round…), err. Anyway it is good, it has a beautifully named (German?) lens with a 5 megapixel camera, it has DVD quality video, a mobile with GPS!!, it has a WLAN sniffer, MP3 Radio, man Nokia have created a beauty here, this must be a loss leader in Nokia’s battle with Sony Ericsson – and Apple…

…more to come….