Well, I am nearing the end of a contract and looking rather desperately for the successor to the Nokia 6500. To tell the truth I thought it would be more like an N Series phone when I ordered it and did not realise that was not S60. Still it has proven a reliable and rugged gadget and has logged 100’s of hours of gaming time thanks to the RBS Rugby 08 game installed on it. ( the 09 looks rather silly so far).

So, I look around and the Nokia 5800 shouts out, like imagine a touchcreen S60 – sounds great, oh and I am dying to get back to a standard 3.5mm jack plug as anything else really does not work the same – way too fiddly.

Nokia Announce :
“As Nokia’s first mass-market device with a touch screen, the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic turns a ‘user interface’ into a ‘human interface’ by truly putting people first. For example, we’ve introduced the Nokia Contacts Bar, which is like a digital RSS feed on your life,” said Harlow. “By adding the benefits of touch screen technology to S60, the world’s leading smartphone interface, Nokia is taking the familiar and giving it a human touch. We have used touch technology where it really adds value such as the Contacts Bar, Media Bar and clever shortcuts from the homescreen to menu items such as calendar, profiles and clock. ”

The phone has, as we now expect, everything , like every thing you can imagine from a mobile. Lay it on me.

Worth mentioning in retrospect that the Nokia N95 survived the fall into the toilet and total immersion.