Blimey and bloody nora I could do with some ear defenders today.

I get to work and the fire alarm is blaring, Martins lunchbox placed carefully over the siren takes out some of the harshness, some of the more piercing higher notes are muted slightly, but it is still killing me.

Yesterday the fire engines came and spent a few hours not putting out a fire but turning off this errant alarm.

From 8 till 9am I have sat here and tried to work throughout the vicious noise, dreaming of some of those Gwyneth Paltrow type pink ear defender headsets from Peltor, and then the drilling starts. Downstairs they are refurbishing the club – probably pole dancing, who cares, all I know is that I have surround sound now – ear splitting shrieks from the fire alarm and a dull but totally hardcore drumming from the drills downstairs which I can even feel in my feet.

It is not fair, it really is not…