Christmas presents are a funny thing, it is said in many quarters that you end up getting a whole load of unwanted stuff each Christmas, certainly I have previoulsy been a victim of such occurences.

This year things were different here is what I got :

  • Wetsuit gloves – yes, surfing being the new ‘beer’ these are necessarry for Brighton’s chill waters
  • Wetsuit Hat – I borrowed gloves off Toby recently and was quite warm until a wave crashed over my head
  • Surf Wax – hmm I stil need a board
  • iPod Classic – somehow managed to be in receipt of 120gig ipod, still womndering how to fill it up.
  • web book laptop – shiny 8 inch screened mini laptop, perfect for web and email, movies, music and more
  • lovely shoes, jeans and tops.

In all I was bestowed with exactly what I wanted, what I needed and what I desired.

if anyone out there still intends to buy be anything else, here is my wishlist : longboard, Suzuki Van Van, free flights, new house….