The GPS on the Nokia is great, but there will come a time when my Nokia N95 talks to me as I drive. Now I have never tried that, I hate taking advice at most times, and driving is certainly no exception

To tell the truth I am a newbie to this Sat Nav/ GPS laugh, further I know that it is completely uneccessary and I cant think of a use for it – but I am a saddo, it is true, and I want to experience the trance like state of driving without wondering about the destination. Maybe this will allow me to achieve a spiritual Nirvana, no longer asking questions about : how do I get there? Which is the best path?, but just coasting idly and enjoying the Journey.

Whichever is the best method of installing some navigation software onto my Nokia N95 I will have to try it soon. I have looked at Wayfinder, Smart2Go, Nokias own bundled software and some other stuff online, but I am confused, I need direction.