There must be many things that strike a first time parent hard – lack of sleep, never a moment to yourself, – that sort of thing.

You go through stages of shock, wonder, awe, desperation and joy, all in the space of a few moments.

If you have a large extended family around you then you will, of course, accept help from sisters, mothers, inlaws, brothers, friends – anyone you know well enough to trust your most precious thing to – your child.

The trouble is that many of us these days no longer have such a resource on our doorstep, many people move away for work or love and many people are just too busy these days to really help out with your childcare.

So what to do?

I have found that there is a time for the nursery and a time for proper childcare and finding a good nanny can be a huge weight off your shoulders.

Naturally I would not advise looking in the personals for such nanny help. Although there may well be perfectly respectable people there it is highly recommended to use the services of a bona fide, offsted approved nanny agency. It is reassuring, to say the least, that a prospective nanny will have had a full criminal records ( CRB ) check done on her recently as well as you have the assurance that the nanny agency has taken steps during the screening process to ensure that the nanny will be suitable, experienced, dedicated and trustworthy. Going through an agency such as this gives you a kind of insurance policy on your childcare, meaning that in the event that the nanny/ childcare is unavailable a suitable replacement may be found for you at short notice.

TigerLily Agency provides a great emporary and permanent positions for Nannies, Mother’s Helps, Nursery Staff, Maternity Nurses and Housekeepers over the whole of the UK, it is a Nanny Agency founded on the princlipes of care and attention to detail which is why I feel relieved when as I call the nanny agency to let them know about my next planned ski trip ( no kids 🙂 ) to Verbier.