Lighthouse Care, based in West Sussex deliver a service for the care of the elderly providing the following services

Assisting to wash and dress, Bathing/showering, Dental hygiene, Assistance with hearing aids, Applying surgical stockings, Continence management, Assisting with pad changes, Care of nails, Help going to bed, Sleepovers, Waking Nights, Washing Hair, Skin care, Help getting up amogst other services.

They have recently launched a website too allow them to provide, as they really do wish to, Mobility Aids at reasonable prices. They have seen too many eldery, differently abled or convalescing people faced with incredibly high prices for the very items which can improve their quality of life.

“Your Independence is Our Success” – is the motto which the company will live by as it brings ranges of Mobility Products and Disability Aids to people who have a real need.

The Site is built on a Magento eCommerce Solution which is powered by Realex Payments – allowing the secure and swift processing of payments online and with multicurrency support.

It is alwayas good to see local ( to Brighton ) companies working hard to both be a success in business as well as providing a real service for their customers.