Well I was recommended the HTC Hero by a lovely Mel at Orange upgrades ( over the Samsung HD Omnia ) and I am forever in her debt.

The Android powereed phone is like a natural progression into the area of cloud computing. I had already made forays into this via extensive usage of Google Apps and the HTC Hero just took it to a new level – cloud computing on the move.

The best thing you can say about a new gadget it that it is intuitive – and it is to the max!

Touchscreen is a joy and far more user friendly than the Omnia i900’s fiddly stylus dictated function.

What HTC have delivered here is a beatiful package which does credit to the Android’s ease of use.
Apps install simply and the market has thousands of useful packages.

Everyone keeps going on about the iphone but in reality this is only because it is their only experience of a high end smartphone, if any of them had owned a Palm Treo 600 some 8 years ago they would not be so amazed. God I get bored with iphones.

The camera is a bit dodge though.