Well I have been using the Samsung Omnia ( SGH i900 ) for a year now and have grown to love it.

Indeed I have come to rely heavily on its additional features, my email and the handy little Route 66 Sat Nav.

It all came crashing down last week, though when the phone appeared to be maxing out its RAM – you see unlike the quite locked down Symbian Phones or the Apple OS which keeps itself removed from its applications in essence, Windows is more feminine about its associations, it takes every piece of software personally and creates registry entries for them all, cute but not without issues.

I am at fault, of course, I had started installing 3rd party apps with little care or thought and one of these must have got itself into the start up registry entry and then managed to loop through some memory intensive and insensitive routine.

A long labour of turning on, sudden realisation that hard reset was only option, spine tingling fear as I entered 1,2,3,4 and allowed the Omnia to erase ALL data on its 16gigs…..

Then, a joy, I loved turning it back on, it was like an old friend, I had forgotten just how fast it had been in its youth, even with SPB Mobile shell it leapt and danced in time with my finger taps – the baby is back and whirring.

I am even due an upgrade from Orange, who now will be offering the 3G iPhone and am completely ambivalent, sing my sweet Samsung