what is the best way to learn to type?

I have been using qwerty keyboards for most of my life. True I took a few years away from such things, but I was fiddling with touchsensitive keypads on a Sinclair ZX-81 well over a quarter of a century ago and have used keyboards all day every day for the best part of the last 10 years……

So can I touch type? well here goes
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It appears not..

Recently I have been experimenting with a split, ergonomic Microsoft keyboard, this design kind of forces one to keep hands on either side of the keyboard and has helped me make some progress.

no key keyboard - oxymoronic typingHowever quite the nicest idea to date has to be the no key keyboard (oxymoronic typing?). This little beauty has no numbers on it at all, so pretty soon you will have to be touch typing as there is nothing to look at.

Is is sad really that we dont see too much variety in such things, sad that I can’t type after all these years………