Cats have never really turned me on to be sure. Like many people I find them to be slightly sinister, lazy, manipulative and condescending. I have never owned a cat nor will. I have never, to my knowledge killed one either but I may one day. You see, an old friend Takis Kontogiannis of Rethymno explained to me his suprise when he was first in England seeing cars evade cats. He said to me :

” ha ha, I could not believe it, in Greece we try to hit them, in England you try to miss them, why?”

So Cats, what is it about these felines which provoke such adoration. I mean I am totally cold about them but many people go weak at the knees at a little purring.

So I will set out to try to find what makes these cat people tick, What is it about them? They are mostly girls of course but even some blokes like cats – why? .

So many questions I need answering. I am going to interview Rob soon, an apparently red blooded, normal male ( hmm I think he may be veggie maybe that is a clue ) who loves cats. He even has a blog all about cats to Cats at Planetmeow. Maybe we can explain the inexplicable if we read his musings.