Tell you what I want, ever since I received my rather unexplored, and under appreciated, Sony Ericsson M600i I feel an urge kind of to buy a Bluetooth GPS (Global Positioning System ) transmitter.

The phone came bundled with some GPS Navigation Software – Webraska; and I read that if I plug the transmitter into my car and synch it up via Bluetooth with my mobile phone I can have, full on, Tom Tom like in car satnav ( satellite navigation ) on my mobile phone.

bluetooth gps on M600iNow it is not something crucial to my life, not even vaguely useful, but the idea does certainly please me. Currently I take a print of Google Maps if I am to find somewhere new and obscure though it appears that the people who build roads place markers which point in the correct direction of travel and hold a text message symbolising your required destination. Finding ones way is not really too hard.

Moreover, what are we, as human beings, getting like when we yearn for technological direction on the open road ? – One of the few remaining pursuits where one is expected to use all of ones faculties.

Trouble is, and with all consumerism you get a bee in your bonnet, you need some justification, and then you see a “buy now” button and you are suddenly waiting on a delivery.

So, Tom Tom – Sat Nav – GPS Bluetooth – whatever this little device is called – I will wire my dashboard up to the max and trip along to your gently cajoling tones as I meander my way to work and back.