The original series of Blackberry phones were not exactly known to be affordable. This is where their Curve Series comes in. Initially introduced in 2007, the curve series has been aimed at the common folk, as a reasonably affordable smart phone. Hence you won’t find the high end Blackberry features, but if cost effectiveness is your demand, then the BlackBerry Curve 3G is the phone for you.

The Design is pretty much the same as the Blackberry Curve 8500. It looks and feels quite sturdy and durable. The Optical Track pad is a great new addition to the model. Even though the Curve 3G is currently running the Blackberry OS 5.0, it is built ready for the Blackberry OS 6.0.

When it comes to multimedia features, there’s nothing great here for the hard-core BlackBerry fanatic, since there’s only a 2 Mega Pixel Camera without flash and a weak video recorder. Along with 3G, there’s also support for Wi-Fi and inbuilt GPS, which is quite impressive considering the fact that this is only an entry level device. Support for applications is also great with the in built App World.

Most of the other cost effective 3G phones in the market right now are offering better multimedia features. The main reason the Curve 3G has a chance against these competitors, is because of its renowned brand name and OS Functionality.

As it is with most other Blackberry phones, battery life is quite impressive with a standby time of around 500 hours and talk-time of up to 4.5 hours on 2G and 5.5 hours on 3G. More or less, the features on this phone are indeed quite impressive for an entry level model. Hence the conclusive verdict would be, that despite the low end multimedia capabilities, the 3G is bound to attract people with average budgets, and so the Curve 3G will no doubt be a success in the market. You can find the best deals for the Curve 3G by making a comparison at