Recent government studies have shocked cyclists nationwide.

In an astonishing turn of events, sure to shake many well intentioned cyclists it has been proven that the use of a bicycle in populated areas actually increases carbon dioxide gas emissions as well as other pollutants on a macro scale. The average across town trip on a bicycle is estimated at 3 miles. Whereas the bicycle itself will discharge no CO2, and on such a trip an average car will contribute around 3 litres of CO2 to the atmosphere – a substance blamed for global warming and unrest in the Middle East. Now you may imagine that a bicycle is an environmentally friendly alternative, it certainly has always been offered as a way to reduce your carbon footprint.
Well it does reduce your carbon footprint.

The new statistics recently unveiled by the Department of transport and the National Centre for the Environment have shown conclusively that a bicycle, though not itself contributing to greenhouse gases, causes such disruption to the flow of other traffic that it will account for double the average CO2 emissions of a car doing the same trip. A bicycle, using the road causes many vehicles to slow down, change gear, and accellerate, all having the effect of increasing their fuel consumption and subsequent emission of pollutants.

So, before you consider taking your rubber tyred bicycle onto the streets, please consider the environment.