Man, I love football. I don’t actually like the game itself, I mean I would rather watch a game of Rugby or Cricket but what I love is the gradual shifts of power which take place over a season.

Any football lover who does not appreciate a test match should consider that, that the real beauty is like that of an entire season, with all its trials and tribulations.

I have followed the premier league this season with much interest and have placed several bets which have done me well. I used the betfair website to bet on Arsenal to win the league ( I still think that is on ). I also wagered a substantial sum on Liverpool to win the champions league, ( still on course at time of posting). My best bet so far was on Man City to beat Man U – pleasing in many ways to win that one.

The online betting service at betfair allows me to place several bets at a time and offers good odds. What I like best about it is the simple layout. You can navigate easily and select from a good variety of combinations to either give yourself a good chance of winning a little or little chance of winning big. Like selecting total number of goals scored is a fun way to bet on football and it certainly makes for enjoying the game, gets you right off your seat.

To tell the truth I don’t win much from my online betting but the main thing is that it is fun and I don’t lose much at all. I really adds to the enjoyment of football. I fancy a large punt on Brighton to win the league this year.