Now I have been described in certain quarters as a bit lackadaisical, sometimes irresponsible and even just plain stupid.
Now all of these descriptions refer to by financial dealings. Though I say it myself, in nearly all other areas of my life I conduct myself impeccably. I can plan ahead when it comes to cultivation, I can schedule a project and I can assess my nutritional assets when cooking for 20

However, fiscally I am a complete nobrainer. My credit has slipped from bad to worse and then even dropped off most scales.

<<if you are a lender or an investor please take this diatribe with a pinch of salt – I really am a very suitable candidate for a loan, mortgage or investment – honest >>

So, needless to say my credit history has a few default notices and a couple of CCJ’s on it – I was feeling pretty hopeless.

Then I perchanced upon bad credit mortgages from clickngo and, having gone through their mortgage calculator and spoken to their customer services I feel that a bad credit mortgage is not out of my reach. I will become a home owner.

Of course, if I do get the mortgage, I will probably default on it and have my home repossessed, that is in my nature, but, hey, thats life…………