Marketing to a Niche with Social Media

Thing is with marketing a niche product to a willing market is that you really don’t have to try too hard.
You are not pushing some unnecessary consumerist dream down their throats, nor suggesting a lifestyle change; just putting a willing customer in touch with a suitable supplier.

This is where social media comes into its own, if you create the right sort of Facebook/ Twitter/ YouTube etc page which carries a true source of information about a shared sphere of interest you can be sure that the majority of people who follow, share, befriend, fan your social media pages will be almost willing customers.

Hence, create your social media pages, lovingly add/ drip as unique and interesting content as you can on a regular basis and you will soon find that you have followers and, better still, conversions.

SEO Pub Quiz Winners

Last night at the Sovereign Pub in Brighton in an event hosted by Leapfrogg Juretic Media entered a SEO competition.

The team gathered at the and surveyed the competition. The elite of Brighton’s online marketing agencies were present and the Juretic Team were without key members Robin and Victoria.

Still, always keen to get ahead and to make their mark the questions ( and drinks ) were soon flowing.
The questions were varied and included subjects such as organic seo, pay per click campaigns and the differing way in which search engines create their algorithms.

The team was prefect for the job: Rob Camp, a Google professional with many years of SEO, organic and paid, under his belt; Vinay, an ecommerce wizard and social networking guru; Jen, PR and Communications expert with a grip on the wider picture, Ed, whose web development skills barely surpass his expertise in SEO; Martin, senior designer and creative and of course Neven, who was old long before anyone had even heard of the internet.

With this assembled bank of expert knowledge it was no suprise when I received SMS messages at 9pm last night confirming our victory. More came in around 11pm and they petered out at 3am.

SEO is all about understanding every aspect of a website, understanding that code, colour and content all combine to increase the chances of greater traffic and higher return on investment.

Yes, we are an eclectic sort of team, but we work well together.