Hotel Reservations

Now, you are looking to reserve a hotel and you don’t know where to start. I travel often and many time I book a flight only package and have to ferret around online looking for a cheap room.

I was directed recently to a great site offering hotel discounts for rooms all over the world.

Just to check the system I entered Chania ( a smallish town on the north coast of Crete ) and was very pleased ( and I must say suprised ) to find 25 results. This, to me, is proof that Hotel Reservations has a large database of cheap hotels all over the world.

When I get off a flight in a foreign country the first thing I want is to get right out and into a hire car. I was glad to note that Hotel Reservations also allows you to search for a hire car, not just with one rental agent, but through several different companies.

Exploring the Hotel Reservations site further I was pleased to see it has a truly international format. You can easily select from a list of languages and have the further option of changing the displayed currency.

The site also contains a very comprehensive city guides section and, exploring it to an obscure level I found an entry for a small village on the south coast of Crete, Plakias. Now this is, on a global scale, an obscure place, but Hotel Reservations managed two well written paragraphs on it as well as a link to some cheap hotels in the area.

The website was easy to use and gave me great results for whatever I searched for. As I am in the process of booking a family holiday and on the lookout for a cheap hotel ( along with car hire ) I shall be bookmarking and revisiting the website very shortly.

Greek TShirts

Riding around in my car I get to thinking about all sorts of things, I slide gears into each other as the car purrs. My vision is all focussed and peripheral at the same time, the whole panorama is a broad and slightly blurred disc which is sucked into my consciousness.

At these times I often I get to thinking back to Greece. Then I had my favourite PI Sigma ( ΠΣ ) greek shirts, I was so proud of its beautifully illustrated Frat type logo amblazoned on my chest.

At times I was asked, by the local Greeks ( as they had little understanding of Fraternity Shirts ( except those who had studied at an American University)if it stood for the Greek Fire Service, which incedentally is Pi Ypsilon ( ΠΥ )anyway,…

Now I never was a Fraternity ( nor Soriority ) boy but last week I purchase a beautiful Greek TShirt for a friend in the USA and they were completely over the moon about it.