Mobility Aids

I have been working on a new site of late built on the Magento platform. The site was developed over many months with Lighthouse Care sourcing the best deals they could for their clients as their ethos is :

Your independence is our success

The site has been filled with the best content and optimised so that it is extremely easy for anyone to find just what they want – that is the essence of a site – clarity.

Google of course, aided in a few ways, analytics was integrated to every page of the site to allow us to track visits and visitor behaviour. Magento also comes with an automated export to Google Base / Froogle. Google Merchant so that you are able to have your products listed on Google within a few days of launch and not have to pay per click for this useful and targeted traffic.

The checkout was set up using Realex Online Payments which provide a secure online checkout facility which easily integrated with Magento and gives full security for credit card purchases.

Lighthouse are continually adding new products and services to their portfolio of mobility aids and disbility products and aim to become a leading provider in the UK and Internationally.

Corded Telephones

Whilst looking into the subject of corded telephones this morning I came across the most elevating marketing material possible – a real life person using a corded phone.

Now, corded phones have lost a lot of headway these days to the more fashionable cordless phones from BT and Philips in particular so it is with great pleasure that I present this beautiful piece of classic marketing imagery.

The way in which the subject finds herself actually tethered to the conversation is representative of the 21st century’s 24/7 obsession with communication

Corded Telephones

Marketing to a Niche with Social Media

Thing is with marketing a niche product to a willing market is that you really don’t have to try too hard.
You are not pushing some unnecessary consumerist dream down their throats, nor suggesting a lifestyle change; just putting a willing customer in touch with a suitable supplier.

This is where social media comes into its own, if you create the right sort of Facebook/ Twitter/ YouTube etc page which carries a true source of information about a shared sphere of interest you can be sure that the majority of people who follow, share, befriend, fan your social media pages will be almost willing customers.

Hence, create your social media pages, lovingly add/ drip as unique and interesting content as you can on a regular basis and you will soon find that you have followers and, better still, conversions.