Bluetooth Headset

Succumbing to temptation and due to an act of generosity from a friend I availed myself of a Plantronics 340 explorer Bluetooth Headset, the cockroach type item fits neatly on my ear when I am driving and the mobile automatically diverts calls to it – even answering for me.

The device has a habit of stealing calls when left unattended around the house though so I must remember to disable bluetooth when not wearing it.

This was kind of gotten hold of in order to placate my need for a Bluetooth GPS device.

The talk time/ battery life is fantastic, it is comfortable and lightweight, easy to use and looks pretty stupid.

I am still in battle with the M600i which feigns disfunctionality from time to time so it is synched up to a Sony Ericsson W810i, which is surely a lovely machine – more about that later.

Plantronics Headsets

Authorised Online retailer of Plantronics Headsets, Mediacomm has recently expanded its online portfolio to encompass Plantronics’ entire range of headsets.

Plantronics Headsets can be used for almost any internal environment. If you are a call center, an office or just working at home then Plantronics has the solution for you. The headsets will increase productivity and efficiency in the office whilst at the same time incorporating the very latest in technology to ensure maximun protection for the wearer from backgournd noise and acoustic shock.

Plantronics Headsets are available with a variety of connectivity options to allow access to the most prevalent of communications in the workplace. The general fixture is via the RJ11 ( like a modem socket ) connector on a telephone; however Plantronics Headsets can also be used via bluetooth dongle, USB ( for VoIP and Skype ), or with the addition of a handset lifter for Wireless Connectivity.

A wireless headset such as the Plantronics CS60 DECT Wireless Headset ( shown right ) can be integrated with almost any telephone system, allowing the wearer to enjoy a crystal clear two way conversation, whilst keeping both hands free for keyboard/ mouse operation.

So if you operate a small business, work from home or have a thousand telephone operators working for you; have a look at the great selection of Plantronics Headsets at Best4Headsets and keep your employees hands on their keyboards.

Peltor Headsets

Peltor Design and manufacture a range of special use headsets for many purposes.

They specalise in headsets for use in such diverse areas as Aviation, Broadcating, Construction, Hunting and Military/ Police.

They offer ear protection in the harshest of situations, allowing, at the same time, communication in noisy environments.

They have thought of everything, say you are working on a busy building site with high noise levels.Rather than being shut off from the world put on one of Peltor WS Alert Bluetooth Headsets and you have a stereo FM radio receiver in your ear protection – furthermore your headset is bluetooth enabled and, hence allows a crystal clear connection to others on your site wearing the headset. Naturally your radio will automatically fade as conversation starts…

Gwyneth Paltrow uses Peltor Ear Defender Headset for Kids

Gwyneth Paltrow uses Peltor Ear Defender Headset for Kids

The entire range of Peltor Headsets is available at best4headsets

Peltor’s range of Aviation Headsets for Pilots, Helicopters and Ground Crew is thorough, bringing Peltor’s understanding of workers’ need for ear protection and communication at the same time. Peltor also produce headsets fr hunters and marksmen which, though protecting from acoustic shock will amplify selected noise levels and allow the user to clearly define the target.