Google Race

I had a blinding idea the other day and was assured ( by myself ) that would get great interest on web, I was thinking of like a mash between Drivey ( and Google earth/ maps so that you could like choose start and endpoint and then race like mad over a simple but correctly undulating course, say from Brighton to Bognor or so. Of course there could be tables, championships, even 2 player online races….. naturally I don’t have either skills or financial backing so I wont do anything…. And of course when I search for my idea, it is gone already… done very basically, but done all the same at , next I am thinking of making a small machine upon which you can store music and carry around with you.METALLICA lyrics

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  • In Car with Nokia N95, which Navigation Software?

    You see I still haven’t got it cracked, I use the GPS Sat Nav on my Nokia N95 all the time in the car. I set the route using the landmarks feature and calculate route. Then I show on map and start tracking. Generally, if I have decent satellite signals the GPS functions fine.

    It is only a pity that you can’t use it in widescreen mode as the GPS receiver is located in the base of the N95’s handset. I have been thinking of trying to find a small LCD screen with video in ports so that I can use the TV Out of the Nokia to have larger screened in car navigation available.

    Driving along I either glance down at the mobile on my dashboard ( I still have not got a decent in car cradle for my N95 but am looking ) or I hand the handset to my daughter who confirms yes, we are still on the blue line.

    I am nearing the stage when these steps must be overcome; I need a cradle, a new screen, and above all, I need a screen with a better size, for glancing and I will need some Navigational Software so that I have voice prompts to tell me where I am wand when I need to turn and all of that stuff.

    Looking online for Navigational Software ( I am loathe to click accept on the Nokia’s internal menu as this must be the most expensive option ) I find some interesting alternatives;

    • CoPilot Live 6 : – from at around £50 looks ok and is fully featured, but it appears not to use the same maps ( from smart2go ) as I am used to. I also worry about hidden data charges.
    • Wayfinder :- from has be recommended many times on the Symbian forums
    • Route 66 from is also a frontrunner and the fully featured product Mobile 7 S60 looks by far the best I have found online

    I will be trying to find online trials of demos of each of these different S60 Navigation Software for my Nokia N95 and will report once whey have been assessed.

    Navigation for Nokia N95

    Ongoing fun with the Nokia N95 and its beatiful integrated GPS Satellite Navigation ( Sat Nav ). You have to hand it t o the americans for uploading all those satellites.

    Luke writes : I have just set up the routemaster gps on my phone and if you haven’t done it already you’ll love it – go to: where they are offering a free 5 day trial of their Navigation Software for the Nokia N95 and other mobiles.&#8222

    I go to check it out, but am held back by earlier experiences of data charges whilst driving.

    The Nokia N95 is so fully featured that one is sure that it has been created by Nokia’s most generous and benevolent development team who saw it as a chance to stake their claim as maket leaders in mobile telephones. They should revive, what I suspect was a slightly flagging brand-loyal customer base and may have made the iPhone redundant in the UK before it is even released.