Vehicle Security

There is little doubt that in the modern world man ( or woman’s) most treasured possession is often their car.

Car’s, you see, are many things. Primarily they are a mode of transport, but to think of a car on that way would be to see only a fraction of what a car means to a person. A car represents an image, an image gleaned from the racy adverts we see so often on the television, it engenders a feeling of self worth upon its driver. The driver is commanding thousands of pounds worth of high technology equipment. The feeling of power conferred upon the car owner whilst driving could easily be explained as sexual. The car is also a room outside the home, it can be a place for introspection and privacy as well as a place of family fun, meals and films.

ford fiesta - many drivers vision of the ideal carCars are, aside from property, the biggest investment a person will make, it is the most expensive item which they own and, modern cars really are incredibly technologically advanced.

Now, it should surprise no one that there are people out there who wish to steal these beautiful possessions. Modern cars are fitted with highly sophisticated security systems and immobilisers, but the criminal fraternity will always look for a weak spot to strike at.

A spokesman from Crime Prevention Products, a UK based retailer of Personal Alarms, Home Security Products and a range of personal security devices says

“Vehicle Crime is rising at an alarming rate and more and more people are coming to us to ask for the best ways to protect their cars, we offer a range of products which can help improve vehicle security. The knock on affect of these security measures when applied to your car are many, … the application of sensible measures give you peace of mind, reduce the risk of you becoming a victim of crime and can even reduce your insurance premiums.”

It is therefore recommended that the sensible person considers some of the following measures :

  • Wheel Clamps – for personal use
  • Parking Posts – secure your driveway
  • Steering Wheel Locks – prevents car crime
  • Telescopic Ground Anchor – secures your vehicle

Your car ( not mine though ) being both a valuable investment and an important personal possession must be looked after.

Car Insurance

New Police initiatives recently published have announced that motorists run the risk of having their cars crushed – by that I mean completely mashed up – if they are discovered being driven without valid insurance.

I think that this type of police statement is meant as a terrifying deterrent, it evokes nasty imagery which is even more painful to consider than a fine, imagine having your lovely car crushed up….I shudder to think of my car being fed into the crusher like that..I, of course, am insured.

The price of car insurance in general and indeed Over 50s Car Insurance should make it not economically viable to dodge the matter of car insurance, it is cheap, necessary and reassuring.

Indeed there are strong ethical and moral implications to consider also as driving without insurance could lead to ruining other peoples’ lives.

Portable DVD Players

The kids, as they do, had been doing my head in on long journeys. In my youth I sat patiently for hours upon end, taking in the scenery and chatting with my parents. This generation is lost without electrical input, it appears; they are like irritating gadgets, always needing a charge, and I can’t be arsed, it is true, to talk for the entire journey (maybe it is evidence of the change in my generation as much as theirs). So I gave in, I bought a portable DVD player, and now have to listen to the soundtrack of Shrek 3 for the whole trip….